MANETO HAIR'S  Perspective

Maneto Hair Transplant, uses FUE Technic for hair transplant surgery. There are two stages we apply during the whole procedure. Donor area inspection, and FUE hair transplant surgery.

Donor Area Evaluation and Hairline Drawing

First we evaluate the donor area and bald area, and draw the hairline. While doing this procedure we consider patient's opinion's and amount of potantial grefts.

Women Hair Transplant
FUE Technic

Hair Transplantation Surgery

Our experts give information about the procedure and then patient go to the surgery room. Doctor and medical team start to pull out the grefts while avoid from overharvesting and degeneration of donor area.

Nurses count grefts and surgeon start hardest part of the surgery. Chanel opening process. Its hard because it shouldn't be too deep or too shallow, it shouldn't be too wide or too thin. Only experienced surgeons succeed and handle this part which we have.

Grefts which already pulled out start scalpting one by one. There are 4000-4500 grefts harvested on average in one session of FUE surgery.


Hair Transplant Result
Hair Transplant Result