Beard & Mustache is a Makeup of the Men!

Beards are completing the facial symmetry and esthetic perspective of face. There is a Chinese proverb says, "People are welcomed with their outwear and accommodated with their ideas." It says if your outwear is proper, you care yourself. Therefore you will welcomed. Your ideas are also important, if they improper you will not accommodate well.

Our journey starts right here! Some of the men lose their beard or mustache because of scar, burn, or any other effects from outside. Also lack of beard may comes from the birth.

FUE Transplant Donor Area
Maneto Hair Facial Hair Transplant

Where is the donor area for beard transplant?

Donor for facial hair transplant is back side of the head which is 'nape'.

We are not transplant hair from the body hairs such as genital and chest hairs. These hairs life is depended on the 'testosterone' hormon. Therefor they may fall in case of hormonal change.

Only hair in human body that constantly stay on the person is 'nape hair'. So we transplant your beard from there by FUE method.

What is the procedure for facial hair transplant?

After you get contact with our experienced customer representatives through Whatsapp or Email, our experts examine your donor and bald area, and give brief information what Maneto Hair Clinic can do for you.

Once you decide get hair transplant in Maneto Hair Transplant, we arrange an appointment while considering ours and yours availability.

We are not responsible for your flight tickets from your country to Turkey, we only arrange airport-clinic-hotel transfers.

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery
Follicular Unit Extraction Method

When you come Turkey here we offer for you!

Our punctual customer service department pick you up from the airport, and let you settle to the 5 star beach side hotel.

First day our aestheticians draw your new beard line, you shall interfere this process, we consider your opinions for new beard and mustache line.

There is no wait or delay in our operations, so once your new beard line drawn we kindly invite you to the surgery room, and start your FUE beard transplant surgery.

You mustn't eat and move your mouth after transplantation for approximately 10 hours. Only feed yourself with pipe.

Maneto Hair Clinic bring you a special customer representative that take care with your needs related to transplantation.