You can find answers of common questions in here about hair transplantation surgery and general procedure if you coming from abroad.

Which method Maneto Hair uses for Hair Transplantation?

We are using Follicular Unit Extraction Methodwhich means extracting hair grefts one by one using Micromotors, and then scalp them into the bald areas.

I am coming from abroad, Does Maneto Hair Clinic Offers Accommodation and Airport Pick-up Drop-off?

Our procedure starts just after you reach us. Maneto hair transplant experts consult you about the procedure. After set a date, you buy flight tickets, Maneto Hair Clinic arrange  pick up  and drop off service and transfer you between the 5 star hotel to clinic.

What are the qualifications and degrees of Maneto Medical Team?

We have a dermatology doctor, hair transplant experts, and surgery team. They are all certified from Turkish Ministry of Health.

How long does whole procedure takes (surgery+first wash+)?

Our experts give first day orientation in there. Next day starts with hair line drawing and continues with hair transplant surgery (appx. 8 hours.)Our doctors pull out maximum amount of grefts while consider and avoid from overharvesting grefts.

Next day you have your first wash by our hair experts in the clinic. After the first wash we introduce you the medicines and shampoos you use while hair grow process and you are ready to go home!

Does hair transplant painful?

It's a surgery therefor you will have local anesthesia so you will not feel anything during the operation. There is little ache you may feel while anesthesia injection.

What Maneto Hair Clinic offers after hair transplant procedure?

We offer 24/7/365 after care support. We also request feedback after 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and finally 1 year.

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